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In Topic: Radwood Austin April 29th, 2023.

Yesterday, 06:30 PM

Austin Radwood April 27th.   MadMax bought a ‘93 Miata.  We’re both going.   Anyone else, lmk….


im thinking of tossing my 80’s ski rack and pencil skis on the roof.  I have the same Rossi blue skis that Booger skied down the K2 in “Better Off Dead”.  Want my “ 2 dollars….”   Awesome movie.


picked up a vintage metal white/blue Honda dealer plate for the occasion…..

In Topic: Update 2024: 17th Annual Road Trip 1987 Honda Crx - Dallas To Panama

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

It’s very tedious.   I’ll have a separate post w much more pix and info once I reassemble and get it back on line.   Appears the electronics are very solid.   Weak point appears to be the buttons

In Topic: Some Brake Upgrades

Yesterday, 06:16 PM

Curious if anything new!  Sounds like nothing past the video….  That set up is well thought out.  I like it!!

In Topic: Any Idea Where To Start With This?

Yesterday, 06:13 PM

The video reminds me of when I’d fire up my crx’s after sitting at least 4 years


great advice on the IR scan of exhaust manifold!


it sounds like one cylinder isn’t firing right.


id target the filter on the inlet of your pump first.  I’ve had that clogg on me w rust after long term start up….   Similar engine performance as your video.    And CSP had the same filter clog after he went off the track, into the rough and sediment broke free.  He can explain better than I can what happened after


For the most part, I’ve only had injectors stick from varnish from long term storage.  Watch the oring for leakage at the end of the fuel rail.  All my cars seemed to leak at the 20 yr mark.

if ur unsure of ur injectors..   get the correct ones.    My cars still have Honda oe injectors.  Only time I’ve replaced them is when one cracked and leaked gas 25 years ago.


good advice to test fuel pump.  I finally replaced mine at 280k.  It was loud and growley as hell.   But it still worked.  Once I pulled it out of the car.  Ran it dry.  Put my finger on the inlet and I could barely feel any suction.  I pulled 2 nos Honda pumps from stock.  Ran those dry.  They had good suction against my finger.  Not a hicky suck, but very solid.  This is subjective, but gives you a baseline.  Doesn’t sound like you’ve replaced the pump yet…


I replaced my 280k oe pump w a 36 year old Honda oe fuel pump w 129k.  Had good suction when compared to nos.   So I don’t have experience w failing pumps.   And I drive my crx 15k miles a year all over the country.   DD, not performance


another thing is to grab a stethoscope and listen to each injector.  Listen for very faith, but steady “ticking”.


the jumping tac concerns me,  a guy w a red hatch had a jumping tac.  He ended up replacing the ignition coil.  You can get a modern coil off eBay from a Fit for about $130.  I replaced mine around 260-280k just for insurance.


cat is easy to check if system is still OE, jump uncouple the spring loaded ball connection between the cat and down pipe.  Shop air or blow drier and see how it flows.   I’m sure you’ve got the time of day on this car….  I’m sure this details not needed for ya :blink:   Lol



keep us posted.   I’m deathly afraid of that bizzare electrical issue shutting me down 2000 miles from home


oh, if you get a lot of crap in ur fuel pump pre filter,…. You’ll want to replace the intake sock inside ur tank.

In Topic: Some Brake Upgrades

16 April 2024 - 12:43 PM

Any track updates w the new brakes?