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Everything Is Messed Up! What Do I Do?

04 January 2007 - 10:58 PM

First off, thanks for all the help I have received on this board. You guys are awesome. Well, I went out of town for a couple of days and my little brother asked if he could borrow the Wagovan while I was gone because his Durango is in the shop. Anyways, while I was gone he decided to play Mr. mechanic and try and get a little more horsepower out of her by quote " tuning stuff". Oh my god. It runs like crap now. It takes forever to try and start it and when your trying it is backfiring out of the carb. When you drive it, there is nothing there. It would take me at least forty-five minutes to get up to freeway speeds. First off, I think he took off the crank pulley because he said it was loose. So when I checked the timing the pulley was was spinning just not at the speed of the engine. He didn't tighten it. Now it is a pain to get it tightened with it being lined up with the crank. Also he had to go playing with all of the adjustment screws on the carb. I got the gas pretty much in the middle of the window, maybe a little lower. He also messed around with the other screw on the drivers side of the carb. I don't know what it does but, I think it has something to do with the air/fuel ratio? I never touched it but he did. I am at a total loss guys. I can't get this thing to idle and it takes forever to get started. I have an SI head and a devac if that helps. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Good Bye Gas Mileage!

13 September 2006 - 11:52 PM

Alright guys. By now I am probably being a pain. I did a Si head swap and devac. Now the gas mileage went from around 40 mpg all the way down to 18 mpg! I have read a lot of people getting more miles to the gallon after the devac but, I prepared my self to get a little worse cause that's how things go for me most of the time. The car seems to run just fine. What do you think would cause this? Carb needing to be tuned or what?

Can't Get Car To Idle After Head Swap And Devac

25 August 2006 - 04:34 AM

Hey guys, I have some more problems. I don't know a whole lot about carbs. So first off the timing belt broke. The valves where bent so I did the Crx Si head swap and while I had everything taken apart I did the devac. Now Now it wont idle for some reason. I start it up and it jumps up to 2,000 rpm and dies. I don't know if I need to adjust the carb some more or what. Like I said I am new to carbs and any help tuning this thing would be greatly apreciated. Also Also I forgot to plug up one of the vac lines on the intake manifold (driver side) and it was back firing like crazy. So I plugged it up and it doesn't do it anymore but, won't idle. I can see the gas level window on the side of the carb but I don't know where it is supposed to be. Sorry for so many questions, I am still learning the ways of the carbed Honda. Thanks.

Help My Wagovan!

01 August 2006 - 04:58 AM

I have a lot of questions. I have an 2wd 87 Wagovan and I can't seem to find the engine code anywhere. I think it's a ew1 because of the nest of vac. lines. Also it has 12 valves but looks like it has 16 valves? 2 intake valves and looks like 2 exhaust valves but one is small. I have never seen this before, so try not to make me feel to stupid. I am new to carbs and Hondas. I am used to working on FI cars. The timing belt broke and I want to do a head swap from a CRX Si because I can get it really cheap if it's even possible. Money is tight right now so can I use the intake and exhaust manifold off the engine I have if I could do the swap? Sorry for so many questions. Please help me out.