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What Keeps You From Buying A Newer Car?

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I can easily sell my 1g for a 2g or something newer and avoid all the hassle but what is it that keeps me wanting my crx. I'm not sure it's just a love, I also like the look and go-cart feel. I've driven a second gen before(91') and I just didn't feel at one with the car as much, it felt bulky, cheap, and slow like it was produced with quantity in mind more than quality. My dad told me when I was little(he sold hondas) that the honda's from the 80's were flawless, I see the truth in that, people are getting lazier and are producing newer cars as cheap as possible and with less character. I worked at acura and I have to say these things are pretty shitty right now, trans recalls on 1/3 of the cars that come in, brand new cars off the assembly line that won't start, the rsx's have minor problems. They're having the same problems up the street at honda. I heard a mechanic say that the reason they're so shitty is because they're made by americans now laugh.gif I would have to sat though that in short for me it's the cost, reliability, fun, uniqueness, and overall functionality. TT


for me man it is having a car that is not a me too car in my area i have only seen bout 4 others even modded around here so i plan on doing my swap and showing what my first gen can do and watch all the faces go damn when they see a 12 1/4 mile pass or faster.....i love my rex and i just cant give it up i will get a 2 gn rex but i dont think icould let mine go ever to much love and time in it
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I love my 3G for the fact that it is totally unique and not a "cookie-cutter car" that is heavily supported by the modern aftermarket. And also most of the newer cars are too aerodynamic rolleyes.gif I like my squareback! But I guess the real reason is because I'm poor sad.gif



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i like 3g civics cause of the shape and the feel and the price of course, newer cars are getting uglier and uglier, although if i had lots of money to buy a car i would probably get a s15 silvia spec-r, but id still have a 3g civic as well, im looking for a better condition 3g cause mine just isnt worth doing up



And car payments suck. ^^ Especially when you're 14 and don't have a job..Eheh....
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Not only can I not afford much of anewer car, but why tie cash up in a car when the good old CRX does just as good?

Even in the sports car club here my $1000 CRX does damn near as well as specially prepped cars worth many times more...


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Of course the price like people have said, but also the fact of being original as no one around here has a 3G like me in the kind of condition I try to keep it.

They're small, light, and fun cars to drive! They're fun to learn, and even more fun to lightly modify.
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^^^^^ R.I.P 05/16/05. . . you will be missed my Civic! ^^^^^


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I take the 1g over the 2g crx because my car has personality and character,

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uniqueness, cost , no payments, originallity, theres not a ton of them I see on a day to day basis., and it is nice to have something different from the rest of the crowd.

Aren D.

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The main thing is the huge amount of work I have put in to my car, it is very rewarding to be able to use it. and it is fun to drive, and I know that if some thing brakes I can fix it, or replace it.


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Oddly enough, I am buying a newer car- a '91 Si hatch. I'm still undecided whether to keep the 1G or not- it'd be a huge letdown to bail on it as soon as I finally got everything sorted out, but the D16A1's chronic bottom-end bearing issues have me worried about how reliable it'll be as a track-only car. I'll either keep the Si hatch for street duty and the CRX for track use, or do some minor suspension, 15x7's, and Azenis and run the EF in STS, along with occasional track days.

My 1st gen with a D16A1 and Mikuni sidedrafts is certainly unique- it's funny how the car splits the difference between the Honda crowd and all the old-school British roadster drivers at track days smile.gif.


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Not Much biggrin.gif

Just I'm in school and I know the wise decision is to stay with a cheaper car. Never breaks down, low insurance 90/month, lighter than most anything else on the road, and it was free....
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Litterally EVERY ONE of my friends, even my best friend Nick, has asked me why do you even bother with this car? they all know how much i love these cars. i had a choice between an 87 si or a 94 mustang that was a stick as well. i chose the civic even though it has some problems with it. (ie. needed a clutch) There were a few factors into me gettign a car.

something small & a hatchback
something with good gas milage
somethign that can carry my bass equiptment easly in

well this is the car. 2 civics later, and a stock to stock motor swap. i can officially say i know almost everything about these cars. every option with every model. im proud of it. what was earlier said about being able to feel the car is true. ive driven corvette's, mustang's, camaro's, bmw's, porche's and stuff from working at a carwash, and i can say that i would chose my car over it...unles it were an STI biggrin.gif wink.gif ph34r.gif haha. but yea, im in the process of doing black housing headlights for my 3g and im gonna do those all red tails that cv8vc has(sry if i got the sn wrong, i dont have it here infront of me) then im off to paitn it black. i know ittl get beat up but i dont mind. its a beater car. i realize it. but i still want it to be nice up to an extent.

my testimony...



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I put some thought into this not that long ago and went around looking at all kinds of small cars. Some brand new, others just later models than my 84 civic hatch. What I was looking for in a new car were 0 -100kmh, 1/4 times and MPG. Allso handeling and general feel to drive. Looks didn't play a big part in it.

All of this data I had on my 84 civic. I new it ran a 16.4sec 1/4mile and uses about 8L -100km of gas in the city and about 5.5L 100km on long trips. Now it was time to find a new car that could give me all that . What I found was most small cars were just slugs that ran 17 to 18 sec 1/4 miles and the cars that were faster at around 16 sec used a lot of gass.Oh and the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Just made me like my old civic more and more.

Newer cars are more comfortable, low noise and power everything very smooth.


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I love my CRXs for a number of reasons. Most important one is INTERCHANGEABLE PARTS (with the the various cars in my yard).

And that I know how to replace most anything on them.

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