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In Topic: Si Throttle Cable

12 September 2022 - 05:08 AM

Awesome! thanks for the heads up.

In Topic: Jack Point Repair

31 August 2022 - 01:59 PM

Good plan, its not like you can make it worse.

In Topic: Jack Point Repair

31 August 2022 - 05:30 AM

Well when i did this work for 15 years (my father has owned his shop for 40 years) i didnt see many scenarios like this unless the car was starting to rot which is a totally different issues. Hondas in general were always a pain in the ass when it came to "frame" repair mainly because of their weak pinch welds or lack there of any real pinch weld which required special hold down towers. You would always cause some damage to them but nothing detrimental. Anyways...


Since simply heating them and bending them back will weaken the material, I would imagine you would have to remove the outer rocker panel and replace the sandwiched section that includes the jack point. Since there is no way you can buy that panel at this point something would have to be fabricated. It would definitely not be a simple job. Or try and reinforcing it like rufusbob mentioned, would still require some cutting and welding.


I haven't really paid much attention to mine but i wonder if there is somewhere under the car that you could tie in a reinforcement to the unibody and use that to jack the car instead of the factory jack point. Maybe something that runs down the side of the car? Next time im under there ill look around. Would be a great mod if there was something to tie into. I hate the jack points because its hard to get my jack in and still be able to place a stand underneath.

In Topic: Project 85 Si-ish

17 August 2022 - 01:37 PM

No problem, im sure it will work out fine.

In Topic: Project 85 Si-ish

17 August 2022 - 05:29 AM

There were a couple very simple modifications i had to make to it.


- I shortened the rear straight section a few inches just to be able to fit my muffler where i wanted it. 

- I moved the exhaust hanger so it lined up with the factory 85' location

- Lastly i had to weld on an adapter to go from 1.75" to 2" which is what the muffler needed.


So yea i had to modify it but they are all really simple modification and made not even be necessary for what you are going to do with it.


If you need some more pictures or something just let me know.