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I have a 1987 civic shuttle that is just the standard EW engine but is running the 4G dual carbs. I want to do something with my engine and my original thoughts were to do a B swap. Now im thinking of a ZC browntop or a D series. I would like to keep the car carbed as i love the sound but im unsure on which D series car are/can be carbed. Im aware the D14 is carbed as i had that in my 4G shuttle but im more after a D15 or D16. I would love the ZC as its more period correct but finding one in the UK is going to prove difficult but it just depends on what I could get my hands on. What work is required to fit a ZC or D series in to a 3G and having either one run on carbs. sorry for the lengthy post but I was certain this page would be the best place to ask for info. Thanks :)


ZC is almost drop in since the cars came with these motors in Europe and Japan.  There were some SOHC versions that had dual carbs.  Probably pretty hard to find now.


The D series would be the next easiest and there were carb versions of this motor as well.  Also D series ran up to 2000 so more likely to find a specific motor than possibly the ZC.


B series is going to need FI.


converting to FI isn’t that hard and really opens a lot of doors for engine options.


Check HASport for motor mount options. And what engine would work.




hope this helps also lots of old discussion threads on hear that talk about various swaps that may help.

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Just posting this incase it can help you.