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1985 Honda Civic 4Wd Fuel Tank Questions

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Hi all,


New to the forum here, just got my account verified! Informed that I should check out the site here, so here goes:


I've bought my first Honda. A "project" car, 1985 Honda civic wagovan/shuttle 4wd. It needed a new fuel tank but I couldn't locate one for sale as they all seem to be discontinued. (bonus points if you can find one!) I patched the original which had some substantial rot to it. Now, the problem is finding a fuel level sending unit. Would a unit for a 88 and later model work in this fuel tank? I know the tanks are of different shapes, but it looks like the units are similar in build. I'm trying to keep this as stockish as possible, as I've been told numerous times just have a fuel cell built. My purpose of buying the wagon was to have the cargo space to haul a few things. 


Anyway, if anyone has any further suggestions on how to go about repairing/replacing my fuel system, please shed the light my way! I'd appreciate all tips and hints. 





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Hi, scour the wrecking yards if you're thinking of finding a replacement tank, the 4wd (AR) is different than the 2wd (AN) so there's that but I wouldn't think that the sending unit would be different.  But then the images in the FSM have them looking quite different sooo.  Get on some of the old Honda parts websites like Lingshondaparts and compare the part numbers between the AR and AN.  I'd also talk to your local tank shops as well and get their ideas.  Sorry I'm not much help.