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We're Back!

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Welcome back!!! Hey all it's me Charles McCusker. This is a sign all is well since I was about to go work on the 1g.

just have the 87 1G crx and an f150 now...womp womp
-Charles McCusker-


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It's a miracle!


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Thanks so much for getting this back up Tom!

just have the 87 1G crx and an f150 now...womp womp
-Charles McCusker-


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Wooooot F yeah!!!
1986 Civic Si; b16a is in.. just gotta get it running..
longest swap ever..... :(


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Hoe Lee Sheeeeit

It’s alive. ITS ALIVE!!!!





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This, right here, has made the shitty start of 2020 worth it!

Suck my SOHC!
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Awesome. Thanks for getting it back up Tom.
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Lol I still remember my password. Good to see some old names on here.
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glad to be back, just in time to start my new 87 rt4wd wagon build :-D


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Partially back. technical and gallery areas erroring. But, is a good start.


16 Ford RS (2.3l, DS)
84 Civic 2000S (B20Z2 2.0l, SMF)


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Thanks for bringing the forum back Tom.

Any ideas on image hosting?


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Currently don't have space for image hosting. There are lots of alternatives, but bug Chris Dorman on Facebook if you really want it here.


As for the non-forum based gallery, it may be a lost cause as even before the shut down it wasn't working, and I couldn't figure out why. I still have all of the images, I might be able to jury-rig something to at least be able to view them. The service manuals I should be able to resurrect, with time.

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