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Anyone Still Out There?

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 Im not sure with its cooling power my temps just goes up and down most of the time, fan kicks when its too hot for my liking so I manually switch it on or off with a button. Car also leaked coolant when I first got it but a mechanic sealed it but I still have to check and top up the water after every ride.

if temp goes up and down, you may have a slow loss of pressure, such as a bad radiator cap. When the engine is cold, pop the radiator cap and inspect for a cracked rubber seal... and you will loose a bit of coolant as well... as when the pressure drops the coolant is burped thru the leaky seal of the radiator cap. that happened to me, and it took me a while to find out, when I pressure tested the cooling system, there was no loss of pressure... but I was still loosing a bit of coolant and the temp was fluctuating a bit...  now it is fixed