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Yesterday, 07:10 PM

The Mrs and I took our little grocery getter for a drive.  Went to the Honda dealership, property greater with an offer to buy her, to get some MTF, drain plug washers and oil filter.  Lady at the counter said they were right next to me in a box, which had the part number for a K series filer.  I explained it wasn’t the right part and she responded with they are all the same.  Nope they are not and they didn’t have them in stock.  Amazon to the rescue!


Also picked up some brake fluid.  Plan is to flush and bleed brakes and flush the trans.  No idea if that’s ever been done or if 1980s fluids are still in her.  I know the oil was changed but I am going to do it again since the drain plug is leaking.


she ran great, AC still blows cold.

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Yesterday, 07:03 PM

I am not 100% on the EG brakes.  I ran mid 90s civic brakes on mine for years, I just don’t recall what they were from other than they were non-abs.  Someone was telling me the S2000 booster is the same as the 84-87s as he used one on his car.


I would email FastBrakes, he is very knowledgeable about what does and doesn’t transfer from one chassis to the other.  Brakes do not really require much in the line of tools.


here in the US you can get aftermarket radiators still for the cars. If it’s not getting beyond 50% on the gauge I wouldn’t worry but I would run some antifreeze in it.  Also could be a sign of a sticking thermostat.


not much is going to transfer from those cars other than the engine and trans but that means a swap and even more work and parts.

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20 October 2021 - 11:10 PM

Replacement bumper arrived, aftermarket unpainted oem old stock.  Could not believe I found them, yes them.  I found three of them, one has small damage on it.


I also did some repair work on the original radio.  It works great except for the cassette player, it will not load the cassette.  I found the specs, 16 in square belt, and found a company that sells belts.  After completing disassembling the radio and removing the cassette assembly I was able to replace the belt.  Now we have a working cassette player as well!


my wife and I really like the Beastie Boys and I was able to find an original cassette from 1986.  Very period correct for the car and enjoyable to listen to.

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18 October 2021 - 07:00 PM

Making some more progress!  She has a complete nose now! No more giant hole!

51605161339_1ac9a16d4a_c.jpgUntitled by Victor M, on Flickr


found the bracket on the drivers side that mounts to the fender then the header panel bolts to it as well as the headlight bucket is bent in badly.  As a result I can’t get the bucket in the right place which means the side marker light is not seating fully.  Trying to find one from a junk yard is a fun scavenger hunt now days.  If anyone has one let me know.


she’s coming together nicely though.  Working on a new bumper and that’s the last largely damaged item.

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13 October 2021 - 08:43 PM

Worked on the AC.


Pulled the system down and what little R12 was in it.  It held a vacuum which was a good sign.  Changed the fittings to the R134 and charged the system.  Let it sit overnight and the next day she was still blowing cold.  Evacuated the system again to make sure there wasn’t any R12 oil and make sure the proper amount of oil was added back in.  Charged the system again and put the correct amount of oil in the system and let her sit 24 hours.


still blowing nice and cold!  No idea the last time the AC was charged but so glad to see it all works still.  Now I can put the header panel and headlight bezels on.  Had them off so it would be easier to spot any leaks if there were any.