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Where To Find Normal Suspension Parts In 2021?

16 July 2021 - 11:38 AM

I had my car (87 CRX DX) in for tires at a Point S last week, and they said I needed new shocks, springs, basically the whole suspension rebuilt, but they didn't have any parts available and it sounded like they couldn't even order them. 


I'm not sure where to even start trying to source parts. I'm not looking for any crazy racing mods or lowering, just normal shocks and springs and I assume I need bushings and whatnot. I see Heeltoe has some KYB shocks available, are they any good? I had issues with KYB shocks breaking after 10,000 miles on one of my other cars. 


Do I want the Energy bushing kit?


Does anybody make an OEM style spring or do I have to roll the dice with a junkyard replacement?


Any suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance!

85 Hf Fuel Tank Assembly- Crossover To 87 Dx?

13 November 2020 - 01:37 PM

My 87 CRX fuel tank has some pretty bad rust. I found a decent fuel tank assembly but it's off an 85 HF. HondaPartsNow says the tank and pipe/meter/strainer units don't fit the 87 DX, but they look nearly identical. Are they actually not compatible or is it just saying that because they're different part numbers?