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This 1987 Crx Si Was My First New Car.

13 July 2021 - 01:37 AM

I recently saw a nice, mostly original 1st gen CRX Si featured on YouTube that reminded me of my first new car. I noticed that the owner of the CRX had a Red Pepper Racing decal on his window and mentioned this forum at the end of that video, which is how I learned about this place. Despite the fact that online forums are a dying breed these days (sadly, sort of like manual transmissions and internal combustion engines), I figured I would share an image of my old CRX for anyone who might still use this site as a resource.


I bought my CRX Si back in 1987 when I was living in Dallas, Texas. I had to order the car as I specifically wanted a red CRX Si and they didn't have any in stock. Then after the car came in, I can remember walking out of the salesperson's office when he tried to change the terms of the deal. That required a lot of willpower on my part as I was really excited about taking ownership of a CRX. In the end, they agreed to the figure we had originally set and it proved to be a fantastic car that was a blast to drive. This image was taken near Corpus Christi — at Padre Island National Seashore to be specific. I wish that I had taken more photos of the car back then. I'm happy to see that there are still some enthusiasts out there who are dedicated to keeping these cars running and out on the road.