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Project Moneytaker

11 February 2020 - 04:46 PM

I'm Tobias from germany.


Now, building Hondas for 17years of my life.

My last 2 projects were a euopean 5 door Civic, aka MB2, with a B18C4 turbo engine and 640hp

It was complete build with leather and alcantara interieur, engine, bodywork and so on




And the last project, which I didn't finish complete, was a Honda Civic EG sedan with AWD from factory and also a turbo D16 DOHC engine.




But, because of work and other things, I had no longer the time to finish the EG and also not the time for the maintanance of an 640hp daily.

I sold both cars and searched for a classic Honda. It should be a Civic, CRX or prelude before 1987.

The plan was, to buy a good car which needs no work and drive as an OEM car. :unsure: (nice plan :ph34r: )


After half an year of searching, I found a 1986 CRX AS with the 130Hp D16ZC engine.

It had only 56tkm, which is around 35k miles.

After a lot of phone calls, because the older owner, was not happy to sell the car. I did the sales talk with his wife. 1day later, I drove 1300km across Germany, to pick up the car in Lübeck.





It looked greate and the plan was only install coilovers and a nice set of rims.

No time consuming work. :D


The side skirts had a few little scatches and I disassembled them from the car.

And right now, here is the point where the project started :lol: :lol:



I found what I didn't suspect with this millage. A big rust hole in the front of the sideskirt and a few smaller holes.


The rear wheel arch was also rusti under the HPA side skirt


The other side was the same


I also find two two welded pices in the floor. But not in the quality, I were happy with.



I decided to build a car again from ground up and to a complete restauration

This was now 2.5 years ago