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Crx Exhaust Muffler Options Sourcing Rebuilt Fabrication

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Apparently, OEM style muffler assemblies are not available. not surprising.
Back in 2000ish, I had purchased 2 Honda OEM Mufflers.  Realized they were discontinued from Honda and pulled them off my cars and placed in storage (ill have original if we ever have any decent car shows in dallas w japanese interest). I was able to source complete muffler/pipe assemblies from Bosal, so when that direction.  I had ordered several of those and now I'm running short.
Called around.  Now I'm down to only one source of a muffler (need to weld in/outlet pipes) closest to the oem style made by AP/Eastern (1x 1.75 center inlet, 2x 1.5 outlet)  Rock Auto has them  P/n 6685 for around $33 and 3517 for around $44.  I called AP tech support.  Both are identical.  The more expensive one is lifetime warranty.  Would have to send it back to RA for a replacement in a few years, assuming AP still would make a replacement. its not worth the $11 warranty and future hassle to me to ship it back, itll go w the non warranty version.

appears our si version is similar to 86-89 acuras. there are other muffler versions (dimensionally) w our 2x outlet and 1 inlet
AP gave me a distributor out of Dallas.  I got in touch w an old school guy (though the distributor) who customizes mufflers wo shortcuts.  He told me Walker is way better.  AP flimsy.....  Said AP bought/pushed out the competition.  So its either AP or make something else work for OE style....
I pulled most of the old muffler assemblies from my attic.   I cut out the in/outlet pipes from those old assemblies w blown out mufflers.  (the old piping has mounting brackets welded to the pipes) I had purchased a Walker 18284 from Orielly's a couple of years ago.  I fit a set of used pipes to the walker muffler and I'm back in business.   I'm going the ugly way, using clamps to hold all three "SI version" pipes together.  If pipes are still usable the next go around, I'll use them by removing the clamps and not have to cut the welds
Apparently 10 years ago, we could get the muffler w the 2 -1.5" tail pipes installed w the one bracket.  Shops would reuse the inlet pipe w that hanger and away we went.
My issue had always been rusting out my mufflers 2-3 year intervals since most of my driving had been around town commuting to work.  Always been a PITA for me keeping w OEM style systems... muffler is so far back, hard to get the moisture created by combustion to burn out
The old school fab shop said I can go w stainless muffler, but it'll be louder.   something ill consider down the road.
Heres what I've done so far...
I had bought a Harbor Freight pipe bender a few years back.  Apparently, It doesn't work well for tubing.  I'm in the process of making the modifications to it the other guys on youtube have done to get it to work. I had also bought aluminized straight tubing.  illl have to wait for another time
Pix of Walker muffler w used piping.  Pipes are just shoved in there for now.  Will use clamps once I"m ready to install it to a car.  I had cut out the pipes off the old mufflers.  used my grinder and dremmel to cut the old piping away.  Surprisingly, most of the old pipes I have were pretty good.
I had parted out the 129K crx a few years ago.  Noted a new system in that car.  They cut the swivel between the cat and manifold, welding it directly to the manifold.  I remember driving it to my barn, hearing the  loud exhaust leaks at the head.  from the engine torque snaping manifold to head bolts...  I had pulled some parts from another CRX at a yard 2 years ago.   Same thing happened there (I had removed a DC Header off the JY car and several bolts were already missing).  So be careful of a muffler shop retrofitting your system.  Make sure you keep that swivel joint near the cat to help w engine movement
i want a solution that will work for the 4 of my cars i expect to keep on the road. i want the piping modular/bolt-on as honda designed for ease of removal and interchangeability between cars. also, a simple way i can rebuild my own systems wo depending on a shop and rising costs. The 129k cars exhaust was welded as a single piece from the header all the way to the exhaust tips. i had to sawz-all the piping to remove it. not a situation i want on my cars for future maintenance.

Good luck!
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