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Crx Aluminum Rim Straightening - Diy

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Not my Brilliant idea, found a Youtube video where a guy did this.   
I have a couple IS300's.  Have 7 spare rims from over the years.  5 were bent pretty good and weren't worth putting a tire on.  
I copied this guys process.   Heated the aluminum w my propane torch.  Heated to the point i could spit on the aluminum and it would flash off.  But not enough heat to smoke the paint.  You can see from the pix how I pushed out the kinks.  This only works on the inner kinks.  I was able to get the lexus rims true to about .010".  Tire shop guy was impressed w the work
used the bandsaw and sander to shape the wood.
I'll report back when I try this on CRX rims.
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WOW that is impressive.  Another 1gen fan in FL shared with me he had done this on some racing wheels. He also had great results.

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