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02 March 2023 - 05:07 PM

Great progress, CSP! Thanks for sharing info as you proceed.

Curious if you got a feel for how the 205 section tires handle the torque under sudden throttle applications. Any news to report yet? Also curious about how corner weights compare vs before with the B16. Had a chance to put it on the scales yet?

Written words posted on the internet can’t properly express how envious I am … SUPER cool !

In Topic: K Swap Knowledge Dump

23 February 2023 - 09:06 PM

AWESOME CSP !!!! Congratulations !!!! Great to see it running. Is a quick test drive before a formal tuning session in the plans? If so, what base map do you have? The stock PND?

In Topic: K Swap Knowledge Dump

21 February 2023 - 09:56 PM

Good luck Wednesday!   Curious how much body flex that monster engines going to create..

Grease, if I understand, youre pondering the difference in reaction forces (or more correctly, moments) applied at the engine / transmission mounts required to prevent the drivetrain from moving or spinning in the opposite direction to that which drives the car forward at WOT.

A quick comparison of moments created at peak torque in 1st between the OE CRX Si and CSPs expected tuned K24A2 configurations:

CRX Si: 93 lb-ft, 2.916 1st, and 4.4 FD, or 93 x 2.916 x 4.4 = 1193 lb-ft @ wheel.

CSPs tuned K24A2: 180+ lb-ft, 3.266 1st, and 4.389 FD, or 180 x 3.266 x 4.389 = 2580+ lb-ft @ wheel

Front drive architecture means these moments are applied around a lateral axis at the centroid of the drivetrain mounts in a manner tending to bend the front portion of the frame upwards.

There are forced induction CRXs running around with much more grunt. I have no idea if they use or require additional chassis stiffening but am curious. Its also gonna be fun to see if CSPs tires are gonna be able to put all that massive torque to the ground :) :) :)

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18 February 2023 - 08:34 PM

Wow those are weird numbers. Hope you figure the problem out soon

Looking forward to news its up and running

In Topic: K Swap Knowledge Dump

17 February 2023 - 09:58 PM

Curious what the TPS reading was in the closed position … near 0% as it should be?

This’s all part of the normal teething process. It’s gonna roar to life any day, now :)