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87 Rt4Wd U-Joints

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I have an 87 RT4WD with bad U-Joints (on the drive shaft).  As far as I can tell, no one makes this part for this car.  I took a bunch of measurements and tried to find a similar one from another car.  After hours of scouring spreadsheets and databases, I can confirm no other U-Joints are even close to the size of the one on an 87 RT4WD Civic.  The 88-91 ones are easy to find, but a very different size.


Having a custom-made joint in a small quantity is possible but quite expensive.  Before giving up and condemning the car to a FWD only fate, I figured I'd check on here and see if anyone knew of a place to get this part.

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bad penny had one of these. he lives near you. pm him. not sure how often he checks in. he made might be able to supply a lead - passionate about that model good guy

there just aren’t many of those around. i rebuilt my cv joints. do the best u can to find a genuine honda part. the heat treat is superior
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