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Coolant Possibly Leaking From Carb?

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    • Drives: 1987 CRX HF w/ DX motor

So been trying to track down where i'm losing coolant:

Don't see any leaks anywhere, nothing leaking on the radiator or hoses or heater core.

Can't really get to the water pump on account i can't break the crank bolt loose (need to grab my father-in-law's impact gun). But i'm also not seeing any coolant leaking out from the bottom of the timing cover either.



Has anyone had experience with coolant leaking from between the rubber isolator and the carb? Its the only other spot I can think of.

Down side with that, no one makes that rubber isolator anymore :(
I know you're not supposed to put RTV/Hondabond on anything that is exposed to fuel, but should be safe to put it around the coolant passage on the carb right?


  • Granny
  • Pip
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    • Drives: 1986 Honda Civic Shuttle 4wd 1.5
Take a look at your oil level and consistency/viscosity. Would it be possible that the coolant leaks between the head and the block, or otherwise mixing with the oil?


Pressure test is really the better way. Autozone will loan you a coolant system pressure tester, on cold engine or luke warm, pump to 5 or 8 psi to start and observe 1)pressure drop or 2) leak (s)


sometimes a gasket may fail and it will only drip when the engine warms up from cold...