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Gassing For An 86 Civic Si... Is It A Pipe Dream?

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Hey RPR it's been a while since I have been here but glad to step back for a bit.


I have really been thinking about my old 86 Is hatchback lately. What a great car it was. 

I have seen a couple lately but most are really expensive and kinda trashed or moderately priced and really trashed.


I found one that is a California car with a decent engine, trans, and the AC works.


What's scares me is most of the trim has seen better days and spending the money on a paint job without decent 

trim and certain parts seems like a waste. 


Is it really that hard to find stuff and is anyone doing repro parts for the 3G era or am I just dreaming that I can pull this 

off for a reasonable price? Any sound advice would be appreciated!  Glad the site is still here.






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I'd say at least try and restore one anyways.. All the trim and body/paint you could pull off yourself if your dedicated enough. I've found out the facebook group is a great source to find those parts you need also. I've found a few parts myself also lucky enough to have a member here help me with parts. I'd say just go for it rather than just dreaming about it. 


Also I'll be around to help with questions on paint and body as I've just restored mine. I can send you youtube links and help you get the basics down.  Usually there's a booth you can rent out for paint, or you can do what I'm doing and get a blow up spray booth. 


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Welcome back 85crxDX. It seems more people are realizing how much fun CRX’s they owned previously were to drive. In 2014 that realization hit me some 20 years after selling the ‘87 Si I bought new. In the time between I was lucky to drive some nice cars, but the CRX stood out in my memory.

Activity here has slowed, but there are people with lots of experience maintaining and restoring these gems. (I’m not one.) Others besides na-spirit are CSPCRX and greasemonkeyreborne 5x1g’s. Hopefully they’ll chime in too …

I agree with na-spirit about the Redpepper FB group. I just joined and it seems quite active. Regarding the availability of reproduction parts. I’m hopeful demand for parts will grow over time as the value of these cars rise. And with increased car values and demand for parts, businesses will be attracted to meet that demand. It happened with old Corvettes & Porsches where cottage industries have grown to support demand.

I think the 1G CRX is probably one of the most under appreciated cars ever.


As the owner of two CRX (85 DX and 86 SI) I understand completely.  I just got the 85 last year and it needed some love.


good news is HeelToe has all the plastic panels available.  As for trim the gutter trim above the windows can be removed and either wrapped again or painted.  Door window trim flacks but that can be addressed with some vynal wrap as well.  eBay is a great source is is Car-Part.com.  I actually found an original front bumper for my 85 on there.


I would say if it’s in overall decent mechanical condition and the interior isn’t missing or destroyed your in good shape.  Good interior parts are getting hard to find.  Otherwise I love both of mine and can’t see parting with them any time soon.


one thing that is great about this site is the search feature.  The amount of historical info on this site is amazing! If you pull the trigger on one please share here.  Funny this is every time someone talks to me about one of mine they always say the same thing as you.  Just how fun they were to drive! Even my 85 with its “76” horsepower feels like a little rocket in its own way.  The 86 is an altogether different beast, but very fun in its own way!


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Do it!



You won’t regret.   I’m lovin’ driving mine around.   I don’t find much in the yards anymore.  There’s a black hatch si I drove out neat Louisiana to pick parts off.  I’ll bet it’s still there. No rust


i was in Kansas last month. So stopped at a CRX dx 


you can find them


im not on Facebook.  Sounds like that’s a great source


keep us posted

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