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Project Moneytaker

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I'm Tobias from germany.


Now, building Hondas for 17years of my life.

My last 2 projects were a euopean 5 door Civic, aka MB2, with a B18C4 turbo engine and 640hp

It was complete build with leather and alcantara interieur, engine, bodywork and so on




And the last project, which I didn't finish complete, was a Honda Civic EG sedan with AWD from factory and also a turbo D16 DOHC engine.




But, because of work and other things, I had no longer the time to finish the EG and also not the time for the maintanance of an 640hp daily.

I sold both cars and searched for a classic Honda. It should be a Civic, CRX or prelude before 1987.

The plan was, to buy a good car which needs no work and drive as an OEM car. :unsure: (nice plan :ph34r: )


After half an year of searching, I found a 1986 CRX AS with the 130Hp D16ZC engine.

It had only 56tkm, which is around 35k miles.

After a lot of phone calls, because the older owner, was not happy to sell the car. I did the sales talk with his wife. 1day later, I drove 1300km across Germany, to pick up the car in Lübeck.





It looked greate and the plan was only install coilovers and a nice set of rims.

No time consuming work. :D


The side skirts had a few little scatches and I disassembled them from the car.

And right now, here is the point where the project started :lol: :lol:



I found what I didn't suspect with this millage. A big rust hole in the front of the sideskirt and a few smaller holes.


The rear wheel arch was also rusti under the HPA side skirt


The other side was the same


I also find two two welded pices in the floor. But not in the quality, I were happy with.



I decided to build a car again from ground up and to a complete restauration

This was now 2.5 years ago



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I began with the side skirt on passenger side.

The hole section in the area of the A-pillar was rusty.



First I removed the rusty material generously.




I had to build the hole part with a flat sheetmetal, because the AS is very rare here in Germany and you can't get any bodypanels in good shape




The I removed all the rust on the rear passenger wheelarch and the side skirt.

The inner wheelarch was also scrap. I drilled the spotwelds out removed the panel and built it with a form in which I hamered it in the right shape.






This is what the result looks like



Removed all the rusty areas of the wheelarch



I bought the two sides as a repair panel form wolf steel from canada.

The quality and fitment is not the best, the panel is double the thickness from an original panel and all the adjacent areas are completly missing. You have to build it yourself.








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Looking great man.. Some skilled work going on here! 


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Looking great man.. Some skilled work going on here!

Haha thanks ;-)


For this build, I take all the time, which is needed to build it correct.

I will drive the car a long time and have fun with it and the painting will cost a lot of money, so I want a solution that I will have no more trouble with rust.


It was the goal, to bring the car last year on street --> NOT

No it was the goal, to bring the car this year on street --> MAYBE ^^


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Love the work. Bit of inspiration I need to tackle the side of the roof and a few other spots as well. Thank you/

anjin aka Ian

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