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Where Does Your Screen Name Come From?

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I've noticed we've got some pretty interesting screen names here.
Just curious on what your name means and/or how you came up with it.

Well, obviously my name is Bryan, so bryman just sorta came from that. "10" is what I consider myself................OK, no. laugh.gif
Actually, "10" was my jersey number in high school when I played baseball and soccer.

Who's next??

Who the hell is this Zed C. person????
my ebay ID: sterno10

"Please", "I appreciate it", "thank you very much", "I'm sorry"= common courtesy....what a great concept (ESPECIALLY for business)!!

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I have had that 'call name' since grade 9 (14 years old?)

It was supposed to be 'sniper' (I was a good shot in spectre, an atari style 3D tank game), but my brother stole it from me and took it for himself oh so naively denying the facts that I used the name before he did. I then later found out my father uses the call name 'snyper', so I am glad I don't have the nick.

Rampage came from some graffiti I managed to interpret before anyone else could when we were all in gym class and wondering why someone tagged the gym's wall.

Not particularly interesting, but thats where it came from. I have made it my own ever since, basically because I 'earned' the name from figuring it out, plus, where callnames are used most, video games, I always play a conservative game, until the action gets nuts and, you guessed it, I go on a rampage.

Yeah, thats it.



I don't frequent the boards much anymore, but i'm a wealth of knowledge. Email or PM me if you're stumped!


Nothing particularly special about mine either... I picked it when I was 14. biggrin.gif I searched on Yahoo back then to see if it was being used (No google back then smile.gif), and returned with 0 results. I felt pretty confident I would be the only one with this name... A Google search on my name today returns 3,480 results. tongue.gif The first three have nothing to do with me, the fourth result is my National Musicial Chair Association webpage smile.gif

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when you get to know me i am very restless and busy
like a storm through the house
further im a metalgirl so thats why the 666
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if you want too be faster then me
please say so to me
i will turn of my engine


I've been Dan-O for years

Capital D
Capital O

That's the way I spell it.


JDN=Jacques David Negrey, my initials. 169 is the number i run in auto-x. Yes, im THAT uncreative smile.gif
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QUOTE (storm666 @ Sep 4 2004, 11:35 AM)
further im a metalgirl so thats why the  666

Metal's cool. cool.gif

My name is Chris. I'm a dude. My last initial is F. After shooting off bottle rockets in the backyard one year, we accidentally hit a news chopper, shooting it down in a ball of flames. My friend looked over at me and said, "DUDE?!"

I said, "I know, we're goin' to be on the news dude." ph34r.gif

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Aren D.

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Aren D pretty lame.... my name is Aren and my last name intial is D...

but if I could do it again I would pick volcano only because there is a huge ass volcano a few miles away... and that sounds cool


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DSK 86CRX, i picked DSK because like 3 years ago when i knew nothing about cars except what the movies showed, me and my friend said that we were gonna start a car crew called DarkSide, then when i got my rex i decided that we could add a lil spice to it, so i said DarkSide Knights. now that we both have cars we're gonna start it, but we've decided that with recent tragedies that occured we're gonna be a show and track team. so DSK is DarkSide Knights, and the think that 86CRX is pretty self explainitory.


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I think mine is pretty obvious...
"Toby, you are a thief of joy"


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I was a sound engineer for 6 years. Always loved music, and mixing live music. I have always been a picky audiofile.
Above all else, my WIFE I f33r the most!
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well it used to be nutz0 5150...but I thought that was redunant...and well the name of my bussiness is 5150 and I own a crx...which if I ever finish putting back together should be pretty cray smile.gif
5150 Autosports
15110 E. Nelson #C
Industry, Ca 91744
(626) 806-5150



Mines the best biggrin.gif

I was thinking about it about a year ago......someway to show my car...but be different

86 CiViC......The "i"s are replaced with the #s......C8V6C

Also, my plates are coming in soon.........yes, C8V6C on the plates as well cool.gif

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I was a big Spider-Man fan until they did that lame-ass Clone War Soga crap in the early '90s.
About that time Deadpool came out and I was a bigger fan.

7372 was my lunch number in middle school and high school.
You stand in line for lunch then give the lady your lunch number so they could charge your account...

Been using the name every since...

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Demon was and has been my "Tag" since middle school, eazy way to know people without people knowing who they were too, the IVI for the M was something i use incase somebody already has DEMONCRX on a board or Email or whatever u use a alias for- plus as ive found out most people dont see it as a M they see it as DEIVONCRX witch just makes it that much more funny

CRX is self explaintory

I use DEIVIONCRX alot, but Also DEIVION666 or Demon666213

so if u see thoes names its probly me, ive been across alot of interweb im shure theres marks out there somewhere, lol

i use the 213 and 666 cuz i am also a metal head, lol

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