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Coolant Hoses And Rotted Coolant Inlets / Outlets

18 January 2022 - 03:58 PM

Hello Peppers !


Hope everyone is doing well.


I have been busy with university stuff so took a break for tinkering with my car. Recently took the manifold and carb to home and cleaned them. Still looking for gaskets for intake manifold and 2-barrel carb. Also took apart the  water neck with the coolant air bleeder valve (that was also clogged but couldnt figure out a way to make it work, I tried to to blow through it but I couldnt because its clogged or something else. Looked up online for the passages but there is no clear pictures of it so if any of you have please share with me or I can send pics of mine and you can tell me whats wrong with it.


I also took apart the thermostat housing from the water pipe. Because the previous owner didnt use any antifreeze most of the water inlets and outlets are rotted and not in a good condition. Even more suprising part is, when I took apart the thermostat housing there was no freaking thermostat in it. There was just a black gasket of it and additional gasket maker to seal the crumbled mating surfaces. I was doubting my self thinking that I must have dropped the thermostat while disassembling the housing and stuff, but I checked the engine bay and floor twice in different days still no thermostat to be seen. The ends where coolant hoses go over are all crusted and mostly crumbled. Thinking about somehow finding a decent fabricator and weld in the same diameter inlets/outlets. 


Im thinking about filling and fixing the metal water neck and thermostat housing with metal filler and sand them down as close to original sizes. (I cant seem to upload / share photos on the forum I dont know why, but I have them on hand and send pictures of them to clarify their condition if anyone want to learn more, any help is appriciated :). So I was wondering when I gradually add antifreeze, will it eat away the metal filler / putty? If so Im open to any possible solutions or ideas.


Coolant hoses are also not in good condition, filled with rust residue and gunk. Im looking for complete coolant hose kits for EV2 engine but cant seem to find any. I have only found mishimotos set, which it says it will also fit to 84 civics. Mishimoto SKU for it is: MMHOSE-CIV-88RD . Here's the link for it where I looked up: (https://www.hoonigan...32242560893013)


When I check it on Mishimotos website it says its direct fit for 1988-1991 civics, 4th gens. So I was wondering will the coolant hoses fit to 3rd gens as well? Some looked similar but Im not really sure. EW's are similar to SOHC D series and most EW parts fit to EV2 as well, so that was my logic behind it.


I also found 5th gen hose kits localy which it also says fits to D14 and D16 same  family with the 4th gen SOHC engines, so if those also fit I might just grab them because they are cheaper. 



The car is just sitting in the car park because of the winter and Im just trying to get my hands on some parts. So it will most likely continue to sit till the spring. 


Im all ears for any suggestions or ideas they are all much appriciated. As I said I will gladly send the pictures of the parts via email if it helps for assesing the the problems or solutions better. 


This forum is my only hope for the info that Im looking for so please if you have any idea or opinion on it, please do share I would be grateful.


Thanks in advance for your help, wishing the best for everyone.