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#579538 Jrsc D16A1 In 1G Crx?

Posted by crxracer87si on 02 September 2018 - 10:54 AM

Progress has been made .

Installed new fifth gear (thanks again Gtpilot).

rpms dropped to 3200 at 70 mph so much nicer than 4000 rpm. but the exhaust is still too loud for my taste.  Car already had a "custom" exhaust. where a cat normally would be I installed a straight through muffler hoping it would help and it didn't, ordered a HI flow cat to install instead. haven't received it yet  to install or comment. 


Worked on brake master positioning. 

Plan is to mill a 1" aluminum plate at 15-20 deg angle to act as an adapter plate to delete booster, move booster up slightly ( will reposition linkage on pedal to change ratio) and angle MC slightly upward to clear JRSC. 

Trying to keep faith in this engine, K series swap keeps coming up in my head. In part because no tuning is required to have what is really respectable HP. 

But with limited time and not having mounts pre made so the car could at least be rolled out of shop it is only a pipe dream.

I can't really down any thing in my shop for long periods of time due to running a business and having a small shop. 


That's about it for now. Haven't had much time this year only driven the car 200 miles since Oct last year. 

Making slow progress but keeping at it.