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In Topic: 1987 Civic Shocks Or Struts? Suspension Options?

21 April 2017 - 02:35 PM

Is there a diagram of some sort to see all the bushings on the car? I want to replace everything that has to do with suspension whether going back to stock or after market.



In Topic: 1987 Civic Shocks Or Struts? Suspension Options?

21 April 2017 - 02:02 PM

Welcome Solid,


These cars run a front torsion bar with struts and rear shocks and coil springs. 

Options are limited and based on budget. 

You can pick up OE type shock/struts from any auto parts store. KYB, Bilstein, Koni's(Super Rare), and Teins are most of the options. 

To lower, again is really based on budget. 

You can turn down the torsion bars, will most likely bottom and damage a strut, and cut or install lowering rear coils. 

New larger aftermarket torsion bars and ground control coil overs.

Teins is the newest thing out there. Heel Toe has a great package deal for a complete lowering kit.

Anytime you lower these cars, you will want an adjustable rear panhard bar to help relocate the rear axle back to its proper location. 


Since you have a 1300cc car. I would highly recommend upgrading the front brakes. There are many options here. 86/89 Integra's is a very common upgrade. You also have the option of 88/91 Si front brakes. Please do more research on your option with these. 


Again, Welcome and we look forward to seeing the build. 


awesome thanks for the information.. Also thanks for the heads up on the front brakes will definitely look into this.


I will for sure post up the slow going "build"