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Black ‘87 Crx Si Resto-mod “hoot”

09 June 2022 - 02:08 PM

Hi Folks - I had an 87 CRX Si as my DD for 85k miles between 87 and 93. In 2014 I realized it was the car I missed most of all cars Id driven.

So I bought this 87 CRX Si with about 82k miles. Its Mugen LSD, low miles, lowered stance and condition were what attracted me. It appeared to have only 4 flaws at the time: it needed a new muffler, would soon need new tires, had one cracked plastic panel (a door cap) and the sunroof opened but wouldnt close under power. I took a floor jack & jack stands to enable inspecting underneath before negotiating the purchase. Soon after getting it home, I changed the engine & transmission oils and sent samples for analysis. The results were reassuring.

I drove it about 7k miles before something apparently let loose in the transmission in early 2015.

Sadly the cars been relegated to sitting outside in the elements ever since, and other priorities have prevented investigation of the transmission problem.

My neglect has taken its toll: practically all the plastic panels are now cracked or broken, and other problems have cropped up, like the fuel level gage not working and parking brake warning light being on continuously. Who knows what else since I only start & warm up the engine a couple of times a month. Even worse, I discovered a rust perforation in the RR corner of the floor floor just forward of the suspension attachment. When I jacked it up in 2014 to inspect it, I jacked the opposite side up and obviously missed the rust. It has that awful Rusty Jones, Ziebart kinda stuff smeared on the floor, so my 1st job will be removing it all to determine the full extent of the rust once its in the garage. Luckily the interiors still as nice as when I bought it.

Im really hopeful the floorpan isnt too bad. If so, Ill restore it; but not to completely original condition. Ive been reluctant to take it further away from original. But now the need for plastic panel repair / replacement, and the limited availability parts for maintaining major components like the D15A3s distributor, provide rationale to create a resto-mod focusing mostly on mechanicals. Its important to me to stay close to the original exterior & interior appearances. Im ok with an engine swap, but wish the engine compartment to look to the untrained eye like an original Honda installation, if that makes sense. A personally imposed constraint is that the OE wheels remain. Part of the plan includes compensating for the added drivetrain weight as much as possible with weight reduction measures; overall, but especially up front.

So far, these are the possible changes Ive identified:

Carbon fiber hood, sunroof, and to replace all the plastic body panels.
Either B18C or K20A swap with suitable LSD transmission, both freshly rebuilt to OE performance levels.
Wilwood aluminum 4 piston front calipers (have yet to put any research or thought into the appropriate M/C).
Delete F/R bars under the bumper covers, A/C, replace std battery with lithium. Remove radio & speakers, and as much of sunroof & rear wiper motors, mechanisms, etc. as feasible.

Lately Ive been looking around RPR mostly researching swaps, posting WTBs for parts, etc.. So far, I have a pair of NOS aluminum drums, and ordered an adjustable panhard bar.

Facilitating this project will be emptying my 1 and 1/2 car garage of 2 old Corvettes, an old Porsche and a disassembled Rotary lift. The CRX and my 1970 914/6 w/2.7l RS spec engine will take their place, and be keepers until such time as my 24 yo daughter has to deal with them.

Here are some photos from early 2021:



Rack & Pinion For 1gen Hf

05 June 2022 - 12:41 PM

Im looking for a 1Gen CRX HF rack & pinion; either a complete assy or just the guts (rack & pinion) in good to NOS condition. Anyone have something? Prefer really nice, NOS, or lightly used, but willing to consider others. Willing to pay a fair price based on condition. Thanks.

Wtb: Gen1 Crx Hf Front Spoiler / Air Dam

30 May 2022 - 07:11 PM

Im looking for a Gen1 CRX HF front spoiler / air dam in good to NOS condition. Anyone have one to sell? Prefer something really nice, NOS, or lightly used, but willing to consider others. Willing to pay a fair price based on condition. Thanks.


Aluminum 1st Gen 2000-2006 Insight Front Calipers & Rear Drums

19 May 2022 - 05:17 PM

Hi Guys - Please help confirm I have this right before I commit to buying

The aluminum front calipers and aluminum rear drums from a MT 2000-2006 Insight will bolt onto a 1st Gen CRX Si with the only possible mod being to the backing plate / drum labyrinth seal for fitment. Right?

Thanks in advance,

Aluminum 1st Gen 2000-2006 Insight Front Calipers & Rear Drums

19 May 2022 - 05:15 PM

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