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What Headers Could I Use?

27 April 2020 - 11:39 AM

Hey guys.


I have a EV2 engine that I'm grabbing material to soup it up (to put in better words, Portugal doesn't allow any swaps since we get the cars aprehended or even crushed. You can steal, just don't swap your car).

Other than a refurbishment/restoration on the engine and some lightweight work, I will work the original carb (until I can put a dual keihin on it) and then I want to move on to the headers.


So the question is:

- Currently - is there any company that does aftermarket headers for the EV/EW engine? Or what old stock/old stuff would I find out there?


Do you live in Europe and have a set of headers to sell too? I would buy them :)




(sry if I put this post on the wrong place but I'm kinda leaving facebook for a while to focus on other things so I might use this forum more often)