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#580123 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 29 July 2020 - 05:11 PM

Double day event this last weekend.  The Liberty Bowl site is still unavailable but we have a site in DeSoto County MS that is quite a bit smaller but we can get two days for the same price.  It’s also a lot more visible, and we frequently have people see us from the Interstate come and watch.  One guy and his son saw us Saturday and came back Sunday to participate.  


Had a great turnout on Saturday - 24 drivers.  We were short handed and I worked my butt off from 8 am to the driver meeting at 10:45 each day.  I ended up with a 3rd place raw and 2nd place PAX finish.  Sunday I didn’t do as well and ended up 8th of 21 in both raw and PAX.


I didn’t like how the car handled.  It’s pushed a lot more than I would like.  I dropped the front height a quarter turn and it improved, and then another quarter turn and it improved again, but it was still pushing and didn’t want to rotate.  I think maybe i need to try plugging a 450 lb rear spring rate Into my model and see what it looks like. I may just order a set and swap them out to see.  I always considered the suspension model to be a starting point and that tuning would be required.  It seems that the car reacts to different surfaces and course designs by handling quite a bit differently. Last weekend’s venue does not have as much grip.  Man I wish I could get an adjustable rear ARB for this car.


Anyway, next event in 3 weeks.  

FYI my son set the track record for youth karts this week.  He’s really coming along and loves it.  We both finished third in points in the winter league and I was second and he was third in the summer league.  I’d like to move him up to a LO206 gas kart soon.

#579691 More Suspension Cyphering - New Dampers, Ride Height Adjustment, Under

Posted by Andy69 on 25 October 2018 - 08:06 AM

I checked the corner weights yesterday, and the balance was off - 46/54. I had to drop the RF and LR considerably to even it up. I messed with the ride height in the front and rear over the last few months and neglected to think about that. This imbalance is the reason I was so slow on Sunday - ran the course backwards and it was mostly right turns.

So much to keep straight, you can drive yourself nuts.

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#579264 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 21 May 2018 - 10:02 AM

WOOHOOOOO!!!!!  I sure do love a fresh set of A7s.  The factor limiting my speed yesterday was the slow steering.  I managed a third in raw time out of 22 drivers (behind the vette and the crazy engine swapped 280zx called Red Rocket) and a third in PAX (behind the Miata with new Rivals and Ken and his Boxster).  I was only .5 off the lead PAX time.  I would have had them both but for a cone on my fastest run.


The time I spent balancing the car paid off.  It felt a lot more balanced although part of that I attribute to not quite reaching the limit of the tires due to a tight course.


Next step is modeling the suspension, which I think should confirm my hunch that I need stiffer springs front and rear. After that comes the engine rebuild to FSP specs.


#578913 I Broke The Car Again!

Posted by Andy69 on 04 February 2018 - 10:09 AM

Charity autocross yesterday at MIR.  Great turnout - 80 drivers - normally we get 20 or so for a local event.  It really wasn't an autocross so much as a half lap of the track, but still a blast, even with my worn out rock hard tires on a 48 degree day.  Despite all that, I managed a 26th place finish.  Normally I have no trouble beating the high HP cars but on a course like this there was no way.  The fastest car, a 2018 Z06, beat me by nearly 6 seconds.  There just weren't enough tight corners to make up for the straights where there was a 40-50 mph speed differential.


I was late getting there.  I had to make a trip to the hardware store in the morning.  I was checking the engine mounts and the right front mount had one broken bolt and the other two were loose.  It felt like they were stripped and when I removed one, it was awfully short, so I got some longer ones and got them in and tight.  The third one is still broken off.  I think fixing this is going to require replacing the case because there are other issues.


Then on my last run I came around the last turn and the shift rod fell off and the shifter got all floppy.   I guess that retainer pin must have fallen out.  It was still stuck in a gear so drivable.  But I had to have help to get it on the trailer because it appears to be stuck in 1 1/2 gear or something as it slips.  


I suspect there is something more going on here than just the shift rod - it may be that the pin actually broke because something else happened.  I won't know until I get it up on the stands and get under the car.  I might be swapping out the transmission sooner rather than later.


Great way to start the autocross season.

#578775 Suspension Braces And Subframe Connectors

Posted by Andy69 on 27 November 2017 - 03:39 PM

Since I removed the roll cage from my 87 Si autocross car (125# of extra weight), I've been looking at ways to stiffen the chassis that are permissible within the SCCA Solo Street Prepared rules.


The rules allow strut tower braces front and rear, lower suspension braces, and longitudinal subframe connectors with no more than three attachment points.  The rules also allow roll cages.


The first problem is, I have camber plates, so the front strut bar that was one the car when I got it will not fit.  I can modify it to fit but not without clearance issues with the hood, and modification of the hood is outside the rules.


I've not found a rear bar (but haven't looked very hard), and haven't even thought about the other two.


There is the possibility of adding a roll cage that weighs less.  This one was made to SCCA club racing standards which are more stringent.  It was mounted in 8 places but was made of 1/8" wall 2" diameter steel tubing and weighed about 125 lbs


What are you folks using?


I can make my own if need be.  The question I would have, especially with the SFCs and the suspension braces, is where to attach them for best effect.

#577743 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 30 March 2017 - 09:39 PM

Season started three weeks ago.  I haven't gotten any video yet.


We lost our local venue, so our region is sharing events with MS and AR, so we'll get to race at Blytheville, Grenada, and Columbus, a lot this year.  So far one event at Grenada and one at Blytheville.  I ended up just out of the trophies at Grenada - they lump everyone into an open class but use the PAX for your individual class.  I beat a lot of people I hadn't beaten before.  Same with Blytheville.

#576517 Blew The Engine In The Crx Today

Posted by Andy69 on 28 July 2016 - 06:15 PM

I picked up a cheap running A3 with all accessories and damaged 5 speed for $150. Going to swap that in while i disassemble the one in the car.

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#576479 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 20 July 2016 - 07:34 AM

Won my class last weekend both days, 4th overall Friday and 5th overall Saturday out of about 20 drivers.

Damaged the engine Saturday, maybe out for the season. We'll see.

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#576384 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 26 June 2016 - 04:55 PM

Smaller turnout today but Chris and I were chasing each other. He beat me by .4 again today but the two of us were 3 seconds faster than the rest of the field. The vettes took the day off.

best run today


#576310 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 07 June 2016 - 09:38 AM

Thanks for posting these updates.  They help guys like me who are starring over the shoulders of those who are spending the time to get the most out of their cars, while preparing their car for battle.  Keep up the good work!


My pleasure.  I'm working on bringing the car (and driver!) to a point where it's nationally competitive.  I think I've got it to the point where it becomes incrementally more expensive. I'm currently trying to track down either HF parts or an entire HF to use as a donor for all the light parts (specifically front and rear bumper beams, rear drums, possibly the entire rear suspension although I'm not convinced it's strong enough to handle 255 tires), plus looking for a good core engine to send off for rebuild to FSP specs.


Along with that comes improving my driving skills to match the new equipment.  I've had several comments from much better drivers that I display the proper level of aggression to push the car to its new limits :)

#576284 Anyone Familiar With King Motorsports In Wi?

Posted by Andy69 on 31 May 2016 - 08:24 AM

The cost seems reasonable - $3000 for a long block + parts.  I would probably spend close to that doing it myself and probably not have as good a result.

#576190 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 15 May 2016 - 04:21 PM

two day SCCA event this weekend.


I still have the hard tires from last year.  I managed a 4th in PAX yesterday and a 3rd in PAX today, out of around 20 drivers.  Raw times I was quite a bit lower, but that's to be expected.  The site was slippery with dirt and weeds and I couldn't get much tractions.  Today was better.  I came within one hundredth of a second in PAX from beating one of the national caliber drivers.  I should be quite a bit quicker once I get the new rubber on the car.  I got ahold of a set of spun steel 13x9 wheels.  Theyre a little heavier than the Keizers but the price was right (free!).



#575868 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 11 April 2016 - 07:27 AM

This weekend was better.  I missed Saturday (I promised my daughter I'd take her to AnimeCon), but Sunday I did better than I expected. 


Since the local NASA region seems to have abandoned autocross, we had about 3x the normal entrants.  I managed 8th in raw and 3rd in PAX out of 25 entries.  My tires are still old, but at least the warmer temps allowed them to get some heat and retain it.  I think with fresh rubber I would have done much better.   I would have been 5th overall but on my best run I whacked the timing gear at the finish for a DNF.  Fortunately the gear was OK but it did a number on my front end.  YIkes.


Best clean run.  Looking ahead is good but my hand position needs some attention.


#575839 Integra Brakes Giving Too Much Front Bias

Posted by Andy69 on 07 April 2016 - 01:18 PM

well like I said, the first step toward figuring out the problem is always making sure everything is adjusted and set correctly.

#574130 This Weeks Run

Posted by Andy69 on 27 September 2015 - 08:55 PM

not quite as exciting as the SCCA runoffs, but I had my first track weekend yesterday and today.  almost 4 hours total driving time.  I'm WIPED OUT.


Here is my 4th 20 minute session from yesterday.  Skip ahead to 4 minutes or so to get through grid and caution.