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"new" Crx Owner

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Back in October when this site was conveniently down I bought a 86 CRX DX that was about 99% stock. The only change was the previous owner had added a Weber carb the 32/36. I have been looking around here and seen a lot of people saying that the stock works fine and before you ask I do not have the stock carb and have no intentions of going back. Since buying the car I have plugged all the (like 99%) of the vacuum holes and added a few more vacuum lines that the previous owner forgot to install.

So what I'm really trying to get to here is what exactly must I do to make the most out of my carb and engine? I read the massive post about carbs and I will now be looking for a header as I have an exhaust leak so I will have that fixed and header installed all at once, I also know a guy who can tune carbs well so once all the work is done I will be taking it to him to get it tuned for the best power output. Besides that what other "supporting mods" can I do to allow the carb to be the most effective and put out as much power as possible?