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The Dutch Dude's '87 Edm 1.6 16v

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from the netherlands!

i've been reading a lot here on rpr ! great stuff! better cars!
no ghoststory's from me , i'm from the netherlands we see all kinds of weird stuff that we can't explain!
this is my '87 EDM zc1

plans for the future:

-timing belt , tensioner and waterpump
-lower it (where to buy? cant find anything for it...)
-dual exhaust (maybe laser,sebring or eps from a gen2 crx)
-6th gen sideskirts
-keep it simple
-bikini carwash it daily!

one more pic , my brothers car from years ago

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-bikini carwash it daily!

Welcome to RPR!

Very Nice Car!

To lower it in the front, you can simply respline the torsion bars in the front, or install thicker torsion bars.

Upgrade Motoring has torsion bars here in the U.S..

http://www.upgrademo...ase.htm#Upgrade Motoring Torsion Bars

All you need to know about lowering is here in the Wiki:


For the rear, you need to replace or cut the rear springs.
There are adjustable rear coils for our cars. Check our For Sale section, they pop up once in a while.

You will also need an adjustable panhard bar since lowering our cars causes the rear axle to shift off center.

Good Luck!


You're Mad!

Well thank God for that, 'cause if I wasn't, this would probably have never worked.

Captain Jack Sparrow


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thank you! very good information !


  • Swap in HF drums, check your cam timing
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You sir, have won the lottery. Nice car.

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