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Hatch Panel Grommets

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In the process of having the hatch repaired I had to remove the panel that covers the base of the hatch.  See here and take note of the 4 5mm nylon trim plugs.  Left two shown in this photo.

51972474534_939056dc8d_c.jpgUntitled by Victor M, on Flickr


The 5mm trim plugs go into black grommets that break easily and are no longer available.  I found a replacement option that with a small modification work well.  In this phot you can see the stock grommets and the replacements I found.


52024082422_4e820e10fb_c.jpgUntitled by Victor M, on Flickr

The modification is simply drilling the hole out with a 3/16 drill bit.  They plug right into the factor hole and the 5mm plugs slide right in.  Here is the packaging of the ones I sourced.

52025636085_726a8fc37c_c.jpgUntitled by Victor M, on Flickr

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