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In Topic: Update 2022: 14th Annual Road Trip 1987 Honda Crx - Dallas To Destin

01 October 2022 - 09:42 PM

hey bob, get those 2 rex’s back on the road and enjoy them. Driving back to michigan, brings me right back to high school days kicking around in the back woods. i really look forward to these trips every year. post covid therapy. lol

I hear you Grease. My fondest desire is to resurrect the black ‘87 Si with a K swap, and then drive the wheels off it. Making progress on researching, planning and collecting some parts. But held up big time by the 2 Vettes & 911S filling my garage. Just finishing an unexpected differential repair on one Corvette, but still have a long way to go before it’s ready to sell. Unfortunately only getting to work on it sporadically cause of other family responsibilities right now :-/

In Topic: K Swap Knowledge Dump

21 September 2022 - 10:25 PM

Super psyched! Got word today Hasport shipped my AFK kit!

In Topic: K Swap Knowledge Dump

13 September 2022 - 06:18 PM

there is a youtube channel called el scorcho motorsports, he used a DIY efi kit called speeduino for a k24, i think he had everything working but vtc, and had a strategy to implement that but sold the car before doing it....another option for you

Excellent! Thanks for the lead P-tail.

In Topic: Update 2022: 14th Annual Road Trip 1987 Honda Crx - Dallas To Destin

06 September 2022 - 09:51 PM

ROAD TRIPS 2022.....
Dallas to Austin within the next week. 400 miles
Dallas to Denver for the river trip later this month (14th Annual Road Trip A).  1300 miles
Dallas to MIchigan w my son for a hunting trip Oct/Nov. *14th Annual Road Trip B) 2400 miles
MaxMaxs been driving the beater as a daily driver since he got his license.  I'm not able to get to drive my car now.....   Need to do a good once over for each trip.  Been running fine.
MadMax is a trooper.  Drove the Beater wo AC all summer.  He's begging to get the AC working again.  So started another build on rebuilding AC systems.....  More to follow.  The beaters AC stopped working 2006-2008??  I can't remember.  
Another science project.  Cleared out the storage of most of the know AC components I have laying around
And ripped apart several compressors.....
Starting an AC rebuild thread.  will attach here shortly.
A big job.   Be working on in throughout the winter.  And will refurnish MadMax's while were at it...

I’m super envious of the miles you cover. Reminds me of the “good old days”

In Topic: K Swap Knowledge Dump

31 August 2022 - 12:28 AM

Yep, thats a big part of it. I ultimately need to decide on the ECU.

The rest is to understand more about all the sensors & actuators used in controlling engine operation. How they work, open vs closed loop ECU control strategies, etc., etc.. I have this kinda book on Ford OBD I systems thats been useful diagnosing problems with a couple of OBD I Fords and even on a later EEC IV OBD II Ford after pulling CEL codes. Im a mechanical engineer, ran many hours of dyno performance tests, and had a little exposure to electronic controls towards the end of my career in DIESEL fuel injection systems makes me pretty dangerous, Im sure.

Im planning an 04-05 TSX K24A2 with throttle body instead of drive by wire. Ill be satisfied with OE spec engine performance in a street driven CRX. Ok with running a cat to try to come close to original emissions compliance. Would be happy with, or even prefer, an OE ECU, but the throttle configuration change likely prevents that. Also ok with running intake & exhaust systems as close as practical to OE hoping to achieve comparable intake and exhaust restrictions so the OE ECU map would work. An unknown.

Since the plan is to start with a short block, head assy, and build from there, a resource I ask about would help identify all the sensors and actuators to source to run the engine. The Ford OBD I ECU only controlled closed loop within the lower ranges of rpm and throttle position. Wondering about K series ECU strategies. Closed loop with a wide band O2 sensor everywhere in operation?

Im hoping to find guidance on these and other questions. If minor tuning tweeks are needed for the swap, Ill entertain the idea of doing those myself.

Honda isnt the same as Ford wrt info getting out into the public domain, and that my ask may be pretty optimistic. But the professional tuners must start somewhere, right?

Ive begun contacting ECU sources. Right now I think my best solution would be finding an ECU with a tunable 04-05 TSX map thats throttle body compatible Something else I hope would be addressed in the ?imaginary? resource I seek is what are the sensor differences between DBW and throttle body systems. The ECU might not need to be tunable if fueling is controlled closed loop over the whole engine operating map and has enough control authority to compensate for intake and exhaust restriction differences from OE.

Hope my long detailed answer didnt make you sorry you asked. Haha